Zipang 16184 Bakusute Sotokanda chome of the original members of the Hashimoto Yuria-chan AV debut! Part1

came out! Shock body Barre! ~ § the real idol I have once again become the AV actress! Genuine idle end up this time AV debut, former member of the Hashimoto Yuria-chan “Bakusute Sotokanda ○ chome”! Attention idol group of currently popular in the soaring “Bakusute Sotokanda ○ chome” is an idol group that belongs to the Tokyo AKIBA Culture’s stage permanent type in ZONE6 floor cafe restaurant “AKIHABARA backstage pass”, the cafe called producer in voting by the visitors who we have a system that says the monthly ranking is determined. For now but still idol group of the base, one ○ Ku or receive such firmly also heavyweights of support ♂ to the composer, as the initial members in idol group of the topic to gather more and more attention now many also appeared on TV § Hashimoto Yuria-chan who was belongs has become to be this time AV debut! Moreover, completely humbled that had belonged to the “Bakusute Sotokanda ○ chome”, it is the form that was only Barre been identified by the value instep of the net! The contents of AV would say if modestly plump plump erotic body though it is slender of … Yuria-chan’s sensitivity is very good, we had a show off erotic pant voice in a loud voice just was lightly stimulate the pussy, see the involve the vortex of excitement is super Ryosaku ♪ Blow of technique is also very level is high person, they may have been a large number gripper the bad adults cock in the back to idle age? I will wondering what ♪ idle to any SEX! It’s still the best even if it sees a number of times! Without the activity in the future by only Barre, there is a possibility I suddenly last look at the debut. Come SEX genuine idle, do not miss it ~ ♪

Studio: Zipang

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