SIRO-1866 Amateur AV experience shooting 647 collar 23-year-old cafe part-time job

Eri-chan are bytes with every day cafe. Eri-chan love cafe. Toka that atmosphere, Toka smell of coffee beans, Toka light of the insertion condition, but for all the likes. Eri-chan have a byte in such a favorite cafe, but it seems the difference between the ideal and reality was quite when I worked emergency. ‘s The best space in the minute that you are the customer, but seems to still have something different when it comes to it with work. It might be also that only hired. Someday have their own shop, was born a dream that you want to the cafe in the small To subtle countryside. To do so, it is not first to the cash flow! Let us earn only earn in the body within young! I think so, I was was transferred to immediately action.

Studio: Amateur TV

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