NKKD-011 My Eyes Since I Was A Crappy Attention Brat House Are Surprised. Is Sure Enough Misplaced Anger I Went To Protest And Unyielding As That Daughter Of A Childhood Friend Was Each Other Both Feelings In The Neighborhood Is Bullying Stop Me To Haunt Of Tease Local DQN Takemaru Senior This Story Had Been Yarra In Front Of Shiina Sky

Sora girl childhood home since I was a kid was a good friend in the neighborhood. Become adults each other, I am a part-time worker at the local, the sky is also now that you go to the prefecture’s leading college, even if not as much as the old days, there was a relationship in its own way. One day, look at me that my was in trouble are told to locals come judge the par ticket Takemaru senior is the most today’s DQN, is empty of full of sense of justice in the unyielding old personality, “What it absolutely unforgivable! “, I will be out say that now go to the protest …!

Studio: JET Video

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