NGOD-022 All Of Netora Is To Reproduce The Post Story, Of My Wife Is From Came Omase A Sleeping Nephew Taken Now T-kyoto S Parallel District Resident Ry’s From Niigata Posted Story Nozomi Maezono

This summer, from my Niigata home, say Junpei of the big brother of the son “nephew” is, in Yara a large adventure of summer vacation, we come to stay to the Tokyo home. The still nephew that little show the brat whiff of mischief prime, I had watched Hohoemashiku an uncle. But there is a holiday morning, to our house wife who was cleaning the house, fool Junpei suddenly, shouting such as “there is Aunt chance ~!”, Back! If, by now rising Ya ventured a turning Oh Bodacious skirt … Nuke.

Studio: JET Video

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