NGOD-011 All Of Netora Is To Reproduce The Post Story, Of My Wife Is From T Kyoto N Ma Ward Resident HK, Who Was Taken To Bed Came Relatives From Kyushu Posted Story Chitose Hara

JET video production unit Dear. Always we have fun look. Had been hearing this occasion, my realistic Netora is experience also I’m wondering Itadakitaku heard by all means …. And only daughter is go on to Tokyo of junior college, now we are living in Tokyo apartment with his wife and Futari. In the spring of this year, my man is Tokyo tourism say that Noriyuki of cousin in Kyushu of relatives I came to stay with the temple to my house …. That, to Noriyuki, in my cousin came from Kyushu, is the wife had been sleeping tiger ….

Studio: JET Video

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