NDRA-031 We Have Engaged In A Small Massage Shop In The Husband And Wife In A Certain City Kanto, But … The Wife Of Novice Chiropractor I Have Cuckold Crazy Been Appointed To Lewd Hot Spring Cure Guests Of Inn … 2 Forest Halla

My name is Mori. In a rural town in Kita Kanto, we have a small massage shop with a couple. At the end of last year, my wife was able to take a license of Shiatsu. Well that’s it, I was still a wife of Shiatsu Shinkansen, so when I received a customer, I was doing it as well as not being rude to the customer. However, recently, from the regular male of the hot spring facilities hot spring guest on the mountain in the city, the nomination for the wife came to enter easily …!

Studio: JET Video

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