IPZ-916 I, Yurika Uesono Want To Be A Fine Side Dish Of Everyone!Name Directors Who Represent The Industry Teach The Erotic Secrets And Higi!

I, Yurika Uesono will strive to become the AV actress, such as able Te Nui excited a lot to the user’s Minaminasama! Once again emergency appointment from the boss! This time, name coaches is Yurika Uesono thoroughly taught the secret of the pot and erotic of the man in with a different specialty representative of the industry! The secret of your service soap! Facials secret of topped! Blowjob secret! Gonzo of the secret! Reverse Nampa secret! Uesono! The techniques developed in day-to-day AV appreciation to the man! Cock! Dare to hit!

Studio: Idea Pocket

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