EDRG-016 World Of Aki Sasaki Uterine Recruitment System Has Been Enforced For The Nation To Netora A Married Woman – The Declining Birthrate

[Story] when the 202X year. The government passed a “uterus recruitment system bill” as a breakthrough draft of declining birthrate. This is the adult women of non-childbearing was twenty years of age or older was decided that randomly “uterus collection warrant” is sent. The warrant has a compelling force, obey no person who has been arrested by the military police, forced pregnancy in the camp “physical examination”, “erogenous inspection” was subjected to a “sexual intercourse inspection” embarrassing inspection than die such, is qualified for pregnancy lever, forcibly …… was to be required to sexual intercourse with the politicians and the business community of the big game. I live in Tokyo apartment, where ordinary couple, Aya Sasamoto are even in the original (Aki Sasaki) and the husband is “collection warrant” has been sent. “Uchi’d Ja okay Speaking to make children from thinking ahead in the coming carefully couple in our house?” To the original Sasamoto and his wife of ignoring a warrant from such simplistic thinking, one day, with a gun …… was the military police who will appear!

Studio: E-Dora!

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