200GANA-554 Seriously flirt, first shooting 382 in Osaka team N Yukaritama 20-year-old service members

If you have rain or ~ ,,, umbrella Tsu Do-It ‘s difficult to wrecked a annoying when the rain today, bright in front of aura? I found her that emanated! We can not afford to not get! I thought forcibly go Houtte coverage and the middle of the TV, she was quite high spirits! We were surprised to arrive at the hotel room! ! Perhaps because of the bad weather is outside, was ultra-clean model system girl like jumped out anew look and fashion magazine! As you talk with her, fun and bright, no one about anything there is no need to decorate in a personality that does not mind gently contact shy even to pure smile, to enough to immediately become her prisoner also for the first time met people attractive and, for us straight frank in your heart…

Studio: 200GANA

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