200GANA-326 seriously flirt, first shooting 235 in Sendai team N Nozomi 23-year-old Derijo

I came to Sendai. Nde anyway today I wanted to eat beef tongue, Nde I wanted to hear that cow phlegm before that hit on a girl, I think I was put voice to the woman walking normally. Once you I think I had a friendly older sister told me the cow Tan’ya’s normally. Its gone completely fell in love with tenderness, we decided to make a move on her. Nde and have heard a variety of story, what things you’re doing the Deriheru Miss! This clean and friendly good-natured and girls Nante Deriheru Miss, had begun to Sendai complete! ! Heck, if fully rival of the girl, negotiations gonna be easy in, we began negotiations Tteyuu want to take immediate sex. And then OK in the immediate reply! Great flow carry it by leaps and bounds, in a place that has become to me also of the son completely war readiness, do you go to the emergency production start!

Studio: 200GANA

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