200GANA-1044 BBQ (barbecue) Nampa 01 in Odaiba Mae 21-year-old Girl Bar clerk

Golden Week, which was fully sunny enough cloudless. Wind of Odaiba seaside park is pleasant today. Cute girls in BBQ spot visited asked for, threesome girls that I met by chance is a Girl Bar fellow. It was a trio of different all types of LARA of Mei-chan, your sister system of Yukina chan Lolita of black gal system. Met has entered is already drink to time, because it was also very easy to invite to the hotel, but I had thought, “orgy huh ♪ in this state three people”, “I wonder it has become a little sleepy.” And sake weak because Mei-chan started to say in, that get a little asleep in another room …

Studio: 200GANA

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