200GANA-1031 Pool Nampa (theme park) 02 in Akiruno team N Wakana 23-year-old game programmers

At any time in the metropolitan area of ​​the large indoor pool with taste tropical mood, I came in and wrecked the amateur beauty of swimsuit. This place crowded still in a lot of people, but it should far from the summer, just tropical paradise! ! If the swimsuit gal who has to open here and there are walking while expresses his or her appreciation to sideways, brush-down the outstanding amateur beauty style that is a break in a deck chair! ! It had succeeded in bring immediately accosted by I coverage of late-night-based program to the lucky hotels in the words of the magic of “reward Tanmari out you Nde ♪”! ! The name of this amateur beauty is Wakana-chan…

Studio: 200GANA

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